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    Ready, Set, Summer! Parent Tips for Summer Success

    As the school year comes to a close, it’s important to acknowledge that both students and parents are feeling burned out. However, summer provides a valuable opportunity to recharge while maintaining the skills and knowledge your children have worked hard to acquire. With strategic planning and organization, you can ensure smooth transitions throughout the summer. Here are some helpful checklists to guide you:

    JUNE: Kickstart the Summer

    Declutter School Materials:

    • Start the summer by decluttering school materials. Go through binders, folders, and notebooks, keeping only essential study guides, quizzes, and final drafts. This helps create a fresh start for the new school year. You never know when they might come in handy for a future class or younger sibling.

    Create a Family Calendar:

    • Set up a family calendar with all planned activities, including vacations, camps, and sports events. Don’t forget to leave some days open for spontaneous fun. Place the calendar in a central location like the kitchen so everyone is aware of the schedule.

    Plan for Summer Assignments:

    • If your children have summer assignments or required reading, communicate these tasks with their educational therapist or academic coach. Write these in planners and on the family calendar. This visibility helps avoid last-minute panic and ensures everyone is aware of the academic expectations. Pick up any necessary books early to give your children ample time to read.

    Organize School Supplies:

    • Clear out leftover school supplies from backpacks and desks. Make a list of needed items and take advantage of end-of-year sales to restock.

    Set Up Snack Stations:

    • Set up snack stations in the fridge and pantry with pre-portioned healthy snacks. This encourages independence and ensures kids can easily grab nutritious options throughout the day.

    AUGUST: Prepare for the New School Year

    Refresh Study Spaces:

    • A refreshed study space can motivate students to use it when school starts again. Revamp the homework area at home by cleaning the desk, updating lighting, and preparing new calendars. Let your child personalize the space with their favorite colors, posters, or a small plant to make it inviting.

    Gradually Reintroduce Routines:

    • Ease the transition back to school by gradually reintroducing routines. Adjust bedtimes, reinforce screen time limits, and practice morning schedules to ensure a smooth first day back. Start by shifting bedtime earlier by 10-15 minutes each night and having practice runs for morning routines.

    Review and Refresh Academics:

    • Spend a little time each day reviewing subjects your child struggled with last year. Use fun educational games or apps to make this enjoyable and less stressful. This helps reinforce previous learning and prepares them for the upcoming school year.

    Plan a Back-to-School Shopping Trip:

    • Take your child on a back-to-school shopping trip. Let them choose some of their supplies and clothes. This can build excitement for the new school year and give them a sense of ownership over their preparations.

    Organize and Label Supplies:

    • Organize and label school supplies and books. This can help your child keep track of their belongings and reduce the chaos of the first week of school. Clear labels and designated spaces for supplies can simplify morning routines and homework time.

    Enjoy the summer and make the most of this valuable time. Keep it simple!