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    Nicole Girgis, MA

    Academic Specialist

    Nicole Girgis, a South Bay native, is exceptionally equipped to support students with learning challenges in math, science, executive functioning, and ADHD. Her educational background, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health Sciences from UC Irvine and a Master’s in Teaching from Pepperdine University, provides her with a profound understanding of both the scientific and pedagogical aspects of education.

    Her role as a High School Math Teacher allows her to apply this knowledge practically, offering an approach that is both fluid and creative. This blend is particularly effective in addressing the diverse needs of students with learning challenges, as it combines a strong foundation in subject matter with innovative teaching strategies that cater to various learning styles.

    Nicole’s inspiration stems from her grandmother, who founded an elementary school in Egypt, instilling in her a deep-rooted passion for education and student development.

    Her enthusiasm and commitment to fostering student success and growth make her a valuable addition to our team, poised to make a significant impact in the lives of our students.

    Outside of her professional role, Nicole harbors a deep passion for the arts and games, which she creatively integrates into her teaching methods to make critical thinking enjoyable and engaging. Her enthusiasm for these areas provides a unique approach to our services, making learning a fun and dynamic experience.