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    Joanie Plake, MA

    Childhood and Special Education NYU

    Owner & Founder of Breathe and Learn

    Joanie, an experienced elementary teacher, recognized the impact of stress on children’s learning and was inspired to do more. This led her to establish Breathe & Learn, a program dedicated to supporting the social-emotional development of children both in school and at home.

    Breathe & Learn offers a comprehensive yoga experience for children, adolescents, and parents, fostering a strong sense of community, providing a safe and nurturing space, and emphasizing a commitment to health and wellness. Joanie’s mission is clear and heartfelt: to cultivate the physical, mental, and social-emotional well-being of children through the practices of yoga and mindfulness.

    Her vision for Breathe & Learn is to empower students with a positive life perspective, a deeper self-understanding, and practical tools for maintaining mental and physical health. The program is designed to leave students feeling optimistic, self-aware, and prepared for a journey of lifelong well-being.

    Since its inception in 2016, Breathe & Learn has been offering diverse yoga classes, ranging from serene beach sessions to engaging studio gatherings. These classes are carefully crafted to explore movement and mindfulness, ensuring a holistic experience for every child and their family.