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    Advocacy Services

    Navigating the public and private school system to ensure your child gets the attention and services they deserve can be extremely frustrating and confusing. We provide advocacy services and parent consultations for learning disabilities including IEP Review, accommodations and modifications, records review, and other services related to the scope of our practice. 

    Educational Therapists who serve as advocates for clients by speaking, writing, and acting in a variety of situations may:

    • inform themselves, counsel, and (when called upon) represent client and family regarding current local, state/provincial, and federal laws and regulations.

    • consult with the family in evaluating the appropriateness, initiation, continuation and/or termination of related services.

    • work cooperatively with and encourage other professionals to improve the provision of educational and related services to clients.

    The main goal and purpose of educational therapy is to optimize learning and school adjustment, with the recognition that emotions, behaviors, and learning are intertwined. 


    An Educational Therapist is skilled in:

    • formal and informal educational assessment;

    • synthesis of information from other specialists, and from parents/guardians;

    • development and implementation of appropriate intervention programs;

    • strategies for addressing social and emotional aspects of learning;

    • formation of supportive relationships with the individual and with those involved in his or her educational development;

    • facilitation of communication between the individual, the family, the school, and involved professionals.


    South Bay Educational Therapy establishes and maintains confidentiality policies and procedures consistent with relevant statutes, regulations, rules, and ethical standards. We maintain confidentiality of information except where information is released under specific conditions of written consent and/or statutory requirements.