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    Does My Child Need Educational Therapy?

    You may have observed the following indicators:  

    • Delay in learning language
    • Difficulty maintaining concentration
    • Low working memory and recall
    • Inattention
    • Loss of self-esteem regarding school performance.
    • Resistance or avoidance of participating in regular childhood activities.
    • Lack of progress at school
    • Extreme amount of time and parent support to get homework tasks done.
    • Challenges with completing homework, long-term tasks and preparing for exams.
    • Discouragement and withdrawal.

    If your child or adolescent has been identified by a specialist or school personnel, you may still find that:

    • Additional remediation is necessary beyond the services offered by the school.
    • Assistance is needed interpreting evaluations, academic goals and progress and would benefit from additional advocacy related to your child’s needs.