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    Core Values

    Exceptional Treatment

    Our mission is to improve your child’s quality of life and optimize the well-being of your family. A certified Educational Therapist, Professional (ET/P) leads your child’s team alliance and the core of every action is designed to continuously build the relationship with the client and their family. As experts, we make it clear that our job is to interpret the highest level of evidence from systematic research and diagnostics in relation to the individual; this means that even the best, highly evidenced interventions won’t work for every single client on our caseload. For this reason, our treatment simply cannot be replicated. We continuously adapt to the ongoing research and data that becomes available to us. As this information is integrated with practitioner expertise and client preferences, it drives all processes in making clinical decisions.

    Whole-Child Approach

    Rather than focusing on narrowly-defined academic achievement, our approach delivers comprehensive treatment that is sustainable and dedicated to the well-being of the child. This not only develops a stronger, happier child, but one who is empowered with self-efficacy and equipped with high-level skills for long-term success.


    Even though there’s a great deal of complexity to what we do internally, the customer experience is one of simplicity. We deliver complex treatment in a way that’s easy for parents and children to understand.


    When you call, we work quickly to provide the highest level of service to every person, regardless of the circumstance. Our multidisciplinary team offers treatment in a variety of settings and communication systems have been highly optimized to create simple, easy processes for services outside of the treatment room. We have clearly defined our commitment to ensure your family’s needs remain at the forefront of everything we do.


    Protecting your private information is our priority. We establish and maintain confidentiality policies and procedures consistent with relevant statutes, regulations, rules, and ethical standards. It is essential that we provide adequate security and security controls for client information and data within information systems when engaging in e-practice. In our efforts to best support our clients and their family, communication with other allied professionals who are involved in serving the needs of our clients is only permitted after obtaining the consent of the client/guardian.

    Our practice management system incorporates all essential aspects of our treatment: people, process, and technology. It is based on HIPAA, HITRUST, NIST-CSF, PCI, ISO 27001/2, and CCPA frameworks. It includes security and privacy controls across 19 different domains, including but not limited to access control, data encryption and privacy, vulnerability management, vendor management, network protection, endpoint protection, risk management, and disaster recovery.