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    Remedial Math

    In math, each concept is the foundation for new learning, and when a student has not mastered one concept they are unable to move on to the next concept. In this case, remediation helps to get the student back on track so they can continue their learning on the math continuum.

    Students who struggle experience undue stress and anxiety on a daily basis as they typically lack the underlying development that supports their ability to make and retain essential connections in math.

    A comprehensive treatment plan will include, but is not limited to, the following:

    • understanding and identifying the precise cognitive development that supports math learning
    • ongoing diagnostics to determine what development is already in place and which areas need further development
    • incremental, systematic, multisensory structured methods to integrate development within every lesson and activity
    • comprehensive metacognitive strategies to promote mindfulness and elicit the transfer of skills practiced in session to the work completed in the classroom or independently.
    • ongoing communication with classroom teacher/school and the home to monitor all progress
    • frontloading a wide range of math text used in public and private schools and the specific content covered in standardized tests
    • a safe, therapeutic environment for the student to receive prescriptive activities of appropriate challenge that directly address the goals and objectives determined by our team

    Through repeated experiences of success, students will develop self-efficacy, trust in their own sense of connected thinking, and become independent and self-confident learners.