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  • Youstina Zaki, MA

    Academic Specialist

    Youstina educational background and professional experience uniquely position her to support students with learning challenges in math, science, and ADHD. Her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science and Master’s in Public Health and Nutrition from UCLA has provided her with a deep understanding of the principles underlying these subjects. This academic foundation is crucial for explaining complex concepts and processes in ways that are accessible and relatable to students with diverse learning needs.

    In her role at UCLA as a Clinical Research Coordinator, Youstina has honed skills that are directly transferable to educational therapy, equipping her with the patience, empathy, and adaptability needed to effectively support our students. Her approach includes techniques that address focus, organization, and engagement — key areas where students with ADHD and other learning challenges often require executive functioning support.

    Beyond her professional commitments, she finds joy in the simplicity of life. Her adventurous spirit extends to trying new foods and exploring beach destinations with loved ones.